About Trevor Cole Commercial Corp

In the midst of an uncertain economy and a struggling real estate sector, Trevor Cole Commercial Corporation continues to specialize in closing non-conforming loans, or those loans which do not neatly meet traditional guidelines set by the banking industry. Non-conforming loans today are most commonly characterized by the applicant’s low FICO credit score, sometimes under 600. Trevor Cole’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Leslie Agisim, considers loans to such applicants and frequently approves them when other due diligence standards have been met.

For instance, the project for which the loan has been requested must be a viable, profitable concern, and the applicant’s current financial situation must be stable. Trevor Cole principals have closed over $100 million of non-conforming loans that meet such criteria, attesting to its ability to recognize a good risk in a struggling economy.

While real estate projects large and small constitute the bulk of the firm’s business, Trevor Cole Commercial Corp. offers a wide variety of loans to many different types of clients. For example, SBA and SBA “lookalike” loans are available, as are construction, conduit, and bridge loans. In addition, loans may be granted for jewelry, art, and other collectibles.

Trevor Cole Commercial Corp. also offers maritime loans under the leadership of Captain Dimitrios Fousteris. Vessels will be considered for loans of $1 million or more, up to 70 percent of the vessel’s appraised value. As with the other loans offered by the firm, vessels considered for loans must be profitably engaged.

In addition, Trevor Cole Commercial Corp. has long-established relationships with funding sources that enable it to secure privately-funded loans for worthy projects. Further information is available at the Trevor Cole web site: www.trevorcolecommercial.com


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